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Competition Accessories informed us it just received a new batch of Sliders 4.0 Kevlar riding jeans.

The company says its Sliders 4.0 Kevlar Jeans provide the comfort and look of your favorite pair of jeans, but with the added protection of genuine DuPont Kevlar. Sliders Motorcycle Jeans use a generous amount of Kevlar, with coverage in the knees, shins, seat, and sides of your legs and hips.

Sliders also gives you the option of using CE rated knee armor, with 3 position pockets so you can get the knee armor to sit in just the right spot. With a relaxed fit, Sliders Jeans are very comfortable both on and off the bike, and are constructed of a durable 13.5oz denim. Sliders Riding Jeans are sold by waist and inseam sizes, just like normal jeans.

Check them out at Competition Accessories.

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Extending the Riding Season with Good Riding Gear

by JeffDecember 13, 2011 Features

Riding this time of year can be downright painful. Depending on where you live, the commute to work can easily dip into sub freezing temps, and longer rides can lead to unexpected encounters with rather severe weather. I had one such encounter a couple of years ago while riding through Texas. I had ridden my [...]

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2011 Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vest Liner Review

by JeffNovember 25, 2011 Product Reviews

Once you ride with heated gear and feel the difference it makes in cool-to-cold weather, you’ll never want to go back to riding without it. To see what the state-of-the art in heated vests is, we acquired the newly released Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vest Liner with Collar, and did some cool weather riding. Being [...]

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2011 RaceTech Big Piston Fork (BPF) kits

by JeffJuly 12, 2011 Features

Race Tech announced custom fork setup for Showa’s Big Piston Forks. Race Tech’s newest Fork Gold Valve Kits are for the Showa BPF forks found on the new 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R and Harley-Davidson XR1200 (FMGV S3901C), and the 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600 (FMGV S3701C). The stock BPF design has an oversized, yet very restrictive singular piston [...]

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2011 RaceTech Suspension Upgrade Review

by JeffJune 27, 2011 Features

We evaluate RaceTech’s high-performance motorcycle springs, Gold Valves, and personalized tuning and rebuilding service. By Jeff Cobb Motorcycle Safety News Any rider who wants more safety, control – and fun – can easily benefit from suspension tuning for his or her body weight and riding style. This is true whether you buy a new motorcycle, [...]

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2011 GOLDfren S33 Compound Brake Pad Review

by JeffJune 5, 2011 Product Reviews

This is the street portion of the review. We have not track tested them yet. By Jeff Cobb Motorcycle Safety News When it comes to safety and control of your motorcycle, arguable one of the most critical components is your brakes. About a month ago we began evaluating GOLDfren S33 compound high-performance brake pads which [...]

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2011 Bell Revolver Flip-Up Helmet Review

by JeffMay 26, 2011 Product Reviews

Part one was the preview. This is Part two, the hands-on evaluation and road test. By Jeff Cobb Motorcycle Safety News Bell’s new Revolver flip-up helmet is an economical design that offers a great deal of value, attention to detail and functionality. As we said in the preview, the Bell Revolver relies on technology borrowed [...]

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2011 Bell Revolver Flip-Up Helmet Preview

by JeffMay 14, 2011 Product Reviews

Part One is the Preview. Part Two will be a road test. By Jeff Cobb Motorcycle Safety News Bell’s new Revolver flip-up helmet is said to merge style with function at a very reasonable cost. Based on Bell’s family of sporting full-face helmets – the Star, Vortex and RS-1, the Bell Revolver employs similar styling [...]

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2011 Bell Vortex Helmet Review

by JeffApril 15, 2011 Product Reviews

By Jeff Cobb Motorcycle Safety News The 2011 Bell Vortex offers a number of trickle-down technologies from Bell’s top-of-the-line Star, for around one-third the price. The Vortex was introduced in 2010, and carries over with new color choices, an improved strap-keeper magnet, as well as slightly thinner cheek pads on sizes XL and XXL. Other [...]

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Bell RS-1 Helmet Review

by JeffApril 4, 2011 Product Reviews

By Jeff Cobb Motorcycle Safety News The Bell RS-1 is a new-for 2011 sport-oriented helmet that shows attention to detail while offering a number of innovative features for an intermediate level model. As Bell’s newest full-face lid, the RS-1 is loaded with several tricks that the company’s U.S.-based R&D department learned from the top-of-the-line Star, [...]

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Michelin Pilot Road 3 road test review

by JeffApril 1, 2011 Product Reviews

Part two of a multi-part series on the Michelin Pilot Road 3 sport-touring tires – plus exclusive answers straight from Michelin’s tire engineers. By Jeff Cobb Motorcycle Safety News After spending some time with Michelin’s Pilot Road 3s, as promised, we have first-hand feedback to give on their ride and performance. As we wrote about [...]

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