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September 2010

2010 Dainese summer gear

by JeffSeptember 12, 2010 Features

As written for It’s an age old dilemma. Some of the best riding is to be had during summertime, but that’s when it’s warmest, and head-to-toe gear can be perceived as uncomfortable. Having no universally recognized standards for motorcycle safety, the U.S. is famous as a tough nut to crack when it comes to [...]

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Decel-sensing motorcycle brake light

by JeffSeptember 4, 2010 News

Everyone knows brake lights are to alert drivers behind you, but what about when you roll off the throttle, and tailgating drivers fail to notice your decreasing rate of speed? Would you like them to know you’re decelerating, rather than potentially becoming another statistic? Nikkos Designs of Fort Myers, Fla. has a deceleration-sensing Safety Light [...]

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