Safe BMW rider!

by Jeff on October 30, 2010

Chris Pfeiffer on his specially prepped BMW F800R plays hooligan at BMW’s HQ in Munich with the company’s blessings.

Is BMW shedding its stodgy image? Actually, that’s already been done with the likes of the S1000R.

This clip is just for fun, and to show what lots of skill and practice can do.

And for all you who think he’s on the edge, keep in mind that he is a gifted athlete. Plus, he never really goes that fast in this whole clip.

If he fell off, he’d likely fall with agility, if that’s not a contradiction of terms.

This guy’s one of the best.


Safe sportbike riding

by JeffOctober 30, 2010 Editorials

What is safe sportbike riding? It’s riding within your limits. This rider is obviously skilled and capable of going pretty quickly. He never shows himself on the edge of control. This clip is an art film as much as anything. Riding well is an art. Best done sober and wide awake. Today’s bikes are truly [...]

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