Yamaha R1 ridden very well

by Jeff on October 31, 2010

This video certainly isn’t new. I must say that the first time I saw it, I re-watched it over and over, and eventually bought a blue Yamaha R1.

Talk about a case of target fixation!

Why is this video here? Mainly for its entertainment value, and to show what a rider can do with skill on today’s bikes on the street.

I believe this was shot somewhere up in Oregon (I’m in SoCal).

It takes talent and/or lots of practice and training to get to this level.

Make a mistake, and one of these bikes will spit you off into whatever you happen to be riding by.

But that can happen at low speed too. It’s not only a question of speed or wheelies or knee dragging.

It’s a matter of knowing your limits; developing that innate sense, and having the good sense not to try to exceed them overly much.

I’m still taking classes, doing self-guided drills, and will be taking a track racing class and dirt class soon.

I may also get back into road racing, at least part time, because that’s where you really hone your skills.

In the mean time, you can dig through this magazine’s previous posts, and read all sorts of practical how-to articles, if you like.

Hope you like the video. I know I do. It gets me stoked because it expresses aspects of things I really like about motorcycles.

Still though, the best place for a bike like this is the race track. Racing and track riding is the ultimate.

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