Arai Corsair V Nicky-3 Stars Helmet now available

by Jeff on June 7, 2011

From Competition Accessories:

Arguably one of the best helmets ever produced, the Arai Corsair V is now available in a hot new graphic: the Arai Corsair V Nicky-3 Stars Helmet.

The Arai Corsair V is the helmet of choice for top riders and you can see the graphic in action on Sunday’s MotoGP races.

The Nicky 3 replica has been a popular choice for serious riders that are favoring a Red Graphic for the last year or so, and now Arai has amped up the graphic with signature Nicky Hayden stars at the back.

The new Arai Nicky 3 Stars Helmet features stars that fade up into the red at the top of the helmet, which makes for a really great look. The Corsair V Nicky-3 Stars Helmets carry the Snell 2010 certification and are of course DOT approved.

Estimated delivery to the Arai warehouse is early to mid August. You can pre-order yours today, or check out all the Nicky Hayden Helmets at

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