by Jeff on February 21, 2009

NOTE: This may be a blog, but I will state when my opinion comes forth, versus when I put on my journalist’s hat. (A journalist cites sources, lets others do the talking, and ought not to spin his opinion in the guise of news. I can make this distinction, but the following is my opinion).

This blog is new. I’m researching, and contacting people for interviews. I’m open to suggestions for topics and already have plenty, but need to skim the high spots first. It’s presently 21 deg. F in Pa. as I write this, but Spring is only a month away, and all those riders will be out there, thinking about what is really a great pastime, and means of travel: riding.

This blog is about the American culture of safety, and I want to confront reality head on.

I want to know what the deal is why people hate helmets, or wear half helmets, or refuse to wear full gear? I want to know why we let lobbyists such as those in Harrisburg, Pa.  responsible for “education” (ABATE), assert without rebuttal that a DOT-approved helmet is all but useless because it can only protect up to 13 mph? Is that a fact?

Very creative arguments, half truths, conjecture, ignorance, and some say, deliberate misinformation are contributing to what amounts to no consistent standards in America. It has been said we are dead last in MC safety among all developed nations.

Our last measure of defense, the helmet, is only required in about 20 states. While I agree freedom and responsibility are great, even as a very experienced rider, I rarely, if ever choose to ride without one.

And in any case, it would seem Big Brother may be watching you, but he is sure as heck is not looking out for you.

It is our job as riders, therefore, to look out for ourselves. We need good info for that, and then to follow through out of self respect, and care for those who care about us.

Practicing skills, education and trying to create awareness are great strategies too. But in the end of the day, accidents still happen. I want to be prepared with adequate gear head to toe. Why would anyone not want to be?


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