Editorial: Some motorists hold unbelievably bad feelings for riders

by Jeff on March 28, 2009


If anyone needs proof of the ambivalence riders feel directed at them from some motorists, check out the hate spewed by a blogger a few years ago (below).
Yes, this was from 2004, but have things changed?
I suspect others today yet feel the same.
And I must ask. Is this why Congress – the representatives of The People – could only find $2 million to help fund the first crash causation study of its type in 28 years, while insurance company execs (AIG) are reaping millions in unearned bailout money?
And, no, I am not justifying reckless riding, and anti-social behavior by a few riders. But what this pundit suggests to his audience is retribution by vehicular manslaughter. You should not even joke like this.
And have you ever heard, “Two wrongs don’t make a right?”

By a blogger who imagines becoming a vigilante:
Yeah, you’ve all seen the shitty commercials and signs. I’ll watch out for motorcyclists when they stop doing 110 mph down the highway while swerving between vehicles. “Look behind you, there could be a motorcycle!” Next time I look behind me and see a motorcycle I’m going to swing my door open so that when he tries to pass me he gets his ass knocked off his shitty bike. Seriously, why should the public watch out for them when they’re too stupid to watch out for themselves? The other day I saw a motorcyclist driving about 95 mph between vehicles when he apparently decided that it would be “fun, exciting and daring” to do a wheelie in between two semi-trucks. How stupid can you get?

Another thing, just because you drive a motorcycle doesn’t mean you should wear an orange county choppers T-shirt/hat/helmet/thong/whatever other crappy merchandise they’ve come up with from that show. No one should wear anything that says “Orange County Choppers.” Ever. In fact, the next cyclist that pulls up behind me wearing OCC merchandise is going to get my bumper in his face when I suddenly stop to avoid hitting that damned pesky squirrel in the road.

Motorcyclists are like little kids, apparently they need babysitters to wipe their asses and make sure they don’t do stupid shit like run into parked cars. “Watch out, it’s car/truck/SUV season!” It’s about damn time cyclists began watching my back for a change.


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David Altomare 03.30.09 at 6:04 am

As a motorcyclist I used to say I fear but one thing: deer. Other obstacles, if aware, I likely have some chance to avoid. After reading this article I see my need to add another fear to my list (though I always had a sense this type of person existed).

It has been my habit to foster a sense of gratitude toward motorists who show the care to yield when I am the only vehicle keeping them from merging into traffic. I wave a hand to show my gratefulness, and might I suggest the same to all who read this. Who knows, maybe we might start a trend that could change the cold-hearted attitude of some motorists as the one we just read … Let him and others like him know that most riders are respectable and responsible riding not just for the thrill but also for the utility.

charles 05.31.11 at 7:15 am

Watch out for Motorcyclists.
You never know when they are going to do something STUPID!!!!!

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