Motorcycle safety month? What about the rest of the year?

by Jeff on May 12, 2009


May is officially the month when every newspaper looking for suitable seasonal content is saying “be aware of riders on motorcycles.”

Maybe the woman driving 10 feet off my back wheel at 65 mph on the highway with her cellphone glued to her ear 30 minutes ago did not get the message? Maybe the guy who was doing similar irresponsible driving too closely the other day did not either?

And what happens in June? July? The rest of the year? Heck, four wheel drivers are so well insulated (at least they may feel that way), that they may remain happily oblivious to riders’ rights and all the well meaning, ineffectual attempts at public consciousness raising (like Motorcycle Safety Month) will be just so much more glad-happy PC efforts to make people do what they should know to do without having to be told.

And even if they are told (to be conscious of riders who they could kill in a heartbeat through their negligence), they will either do so or not depending on their own sense of accountability.

It is pretty sad. Motorcyclist safety is not getting much better it would seem, and the money is not there to even fund the crash causation study in Oklahoma, let alone fund real and lasting consciousness-raising for a public that would appear ambivalent to riders.

What would it really take to get people who may not have any vested interest in watching out for a rider on a motorcycle to do so anyway?

Billboards on all major highways?


Print or Internet ads?

Stimulus money?

With all the other concerns in the collective public mind these days, riders better keep watching their mirrors, and practicing best defensive riding, because there are those who could very easily take you out, even in the middle of Motorcycle Safety Month, as well as any other time of the year.

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matty 05.12.09 at 11:14 pm

A very good post jeff and i seriously appreciate your effort in promoting safety awareness for riders. Its really true that riding safety depends not only on the skills of the rider but the driving and safety attitude other people have for the fellow riders. We at superior mc supply are doing our bit to promote riding safety. we have created a visual flash presentation for the month. Check it out here (that’s our official blog) and do share it with your readers to.

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