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Daveeeed 03.02.09 at 12:06 pm

Blog is progressing excellently. I especially like the new You Tube videos – nice jolt of information in a brief period of time.

Keep it up – I’ll be stopping by often.

Peace -Dave

Jim Weiler 08.02.09 at 4:58 pm


We chatted a bit at Valley Forge Park today. I read some of your comments on the blog and would like to give you two anecdotes about drivers not seeing motorcycle riders because they are looking for passenger vehicles and trucks and that is what they see.

They are not looking for motorcycles and consequently, they don’t see them.

I started riding when I was in my teens. I drove a school bus for a while when I was in my 40s. One day I was leaving Plymouth Whitemarsh High School in my bus. I was turning onto west bound Germantown Pike. I came up the stop sign and stopped and looked both ways. I didn’t “see” any traffic coming in either direction so I started to pull into the traffic lane. As I always do, I looked back to my left to be absolutely sure it was safe to proceed.

It wasn’t. There was a motorcycle approaching. I hit the brake and stopped before actually entering the traffic lane. The rider passed safely.

That experience has stayed with me ever since. How could I, a motorcycle rider, not see that motorcycle approaching and start to pull in front of him with a school bus? I reasoned that I didn’t see him because I wasn’t looking for motorcycles. Ever since, when I’m riding, I get ready take evasive action when I see a vehicle coming out of a side street or shopping center from the left.

In a similar scenario, my son once hit the left side of a passenger vehicle just behind the front wheel. The driver was pulling out of a development at a stop sign. In court the driver claimed that she was not a fault because when she looked to see if it was safe to proceed there was nothing coming.

Thanks for noticing my Indian,

Jim Weiler

levrakd 10.31.10 at 11:23 am

I will add your site to my favorites. Great work!

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